Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence

Connecting with customers requires a strategy driven by understanding your users and optimizing experiences through data and insights. Our Marketing Intelligence Studio provides a clear vision of your path to success.

User Experience

We delve deeply into every relevant corner of your business with comprehensive research, audits, testing and competitive analysis. This insight fuels the creation and optimization of user experiences, information architecture and content marketing strategies targeted to engage your pinpointed audience and turn digital touch points into sales funnels flowing with ROI.

Data and Analysis

There is a story locked inside your data. A story that, when properly contextualized, will lead to powerful business insights. Our data services team measures your business, sales and marketing performance using cutting-edge analytics tools, tracking methods and data modeling. The extracted results are visualized, analyzed and presented with a clarity that reveals the true impact of your efforts and informs the decisions that drive your brand forward.

Content Strategy

The right content strategy approach will make your brand, messages and marketing efforts stand out in a crowd. Our content strategy services include audience development; content planning; creation, design and distribution of optimized content; and curation and publishing of materials that are aligned to your audiences and objectives. From initial benchmarks and research to long-term optimization and governance, we are experts in setting up and implementing powerful content strategy programs.