Let's Get Ready to Babble!

Let's Get Ready to Babble!

The best thing about working with 40 people in a three-story workspace is all the interesting conversations, or what we have dubbed "Babbles," that circulate within our walls. As an agency that has specialized in interactive projects for more than 18 years, it's in our DNA to talk shop and what we are passionate about on a daily basis. But since we can't all be in the same place at the same time to participate in this ongoing dialogue, we have started a series of conversations led by some of our best minds called "TNG Babble." All our "Babbles" take on a character of their own and are led by different folks ranging from our UX group to our development group and back around to our strategy team, which often likes to wax poetic on things like analytics and social media planning.

Some of the most recent topics have been on the mobile, technical and social side of things. We usually meet every two weeks at lunch to discuss topics ranging from HTML5, QR codes, and mobile usability to near field communications. To whet your appetite I will give you a few excerpts from some of the most recent "Babbles" to see if this is an event you'd like to attend next time we have one.

Just the Parts, Ma'am (iPhone, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, tablets and standard controls/elements)

In this Babble our Director of User Experience, Kara Goldhamer, takes us through the parts of the mobile experience and how integral they are to what we do to design and develop for mobile. For a taste of what she is talking about, check out this animation on our TNG Agency YouTube Channel or watch it here.

Near Field Communications

In this Babble, Dan Siger, an interactive application developer at TNG, explains this exciting and growing technology that allows electronic devices to communicate with each other. The Near Field Communications market is poised to be the next great technological revolution. To get some more insight into what he's excited about, check out this animation on our TNG Agency YouTube Channel or watch it here.

Social Media Listening

Let the social strategy continue. No Babble would be complete these days without including the social aspect of what we do here at TNG. The idea of social doesn't start with tweets, check-ins and liking something. It starts with listening to our brands, their audience and even their competitors in the social space. Social media listening is key to a well-rounded plan for any agency and its clients engaging in the space. Here is a little video with a taste of what we are talking about.

Branding for Humans

Regardless of the current Babble we are engaged in, it always seems to come back around to the singular most important thing: our users and the human aspect of what they do and how they interact with our designs and technology. Branding for Humans is an important part of what we do at TNG. Are we asking the right questions about our brand presence and how our brand engages our customers? Take a look at your brand and ask, "Is it acting human? Is it speaking with them or at them?" These questions and more can be contemplated while viewing some additional thoughts in our Branding for Humans video.

Nothing can stop the Babble series, but it can only get better with your involvement. If you wish to join us for our next Babble or receive a copy of a recent Babble from our series, email us at info@thenewgroup.com and we'll get you in here. Please drop me a line via twitter @unflatpdx and we can start our own micro-Babble. Which gives me a great idea for the next social Babble. Remember this: A good Babble is always better than a nasty battle.